Tape loops of varied length vol​.​04

Tape loops of varied length vol​.​04
by muqdisho

As I mentioned in previous albums, Tape Loops of Varied Length Vol.04 is more than an album; it’s a learning process. Between the last record and this one, 135 days have passed, and many musical sketches were done. A few have survived to be presented to the world; some will never be heard again.

But I feel like this might be the last tape loop album, for now. I reached a point where I want to explore other ideas, and I feel like keeping a schedule to release an album every 135 is limiting me and my sound explorations. This means that, for now, this is over. But I know I won’t keep tape loops out of my music.
This was a more challenging album to make since the first musical sketches came to me during the first weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was strange to keep track of what I wanted to do and how I wanted it to sound like. 

I tried a more straightforward approach and reduced my instruments to a minimum. Also, tried to experiment with longer tapes, and I believe it shows here.

Visually speaking, the album follows the same art direction from the previous ones in the Tape loops of varied length series. Except that, due to the cataclysmic feelings that I was going through as this was done, the images used are from an abandoned Soviet base in the outskirts of Berlin, Germany.

Tape loops of varied length vol​.​04 by muqdisho was released June 23, 2020

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