What is this Muqdisho?

In somewhat direct & press-oriented words, MUQDISHO is the bleak, noisy, ambient head of a sound spear solely wielded by Felipe Tofani.

Beginning his artistic career in late 1990s Brazil, Tofani seemed to always be one or two steps ahead of his peers when it came to finding out "what else is there for our ears." That trait was carried onto his later and current years, ultimately resulting in MUQDISHO's eery, disturbing style.

As Tofani soldiered on his journey in search of the voice that commands his inner silence, he ended up in Berlin - where his love of orthogonal, brutalist aesthetics was finally matched.

Despite the broad range of Tofani's musical taste, what MUQDISHO tells us is not the sum of his musical influences.

It is, in fact, the amalgamation of his acquired life experiences. It is not what he wants to sound like, but instead how he actually sounds when freed from the noise of what he either loves or hates.

Indeed, MUQDISHO is harsh. But it is without aggression. It is bleak, but it is without fear. With it, Tofani yields the desire for relatability in favor of a faithful portrait of what it feels like to allow oneself to just free-fall into existence.
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